There are many telnet/SSH client software programs available for connecting to bulletin board systems. I prefer using ZOC (nag screen if not registered after a trial period, no loss of functionality) ZOC is a native Windows program with full DOS/Extended ASCII support, independent window scroll back features and excellent cut and paste. Simply highlight and drag a section of the screen to copy it into the clipboard, or use the hot key “shift insert” to paste text directly into the terminal.

Gargoyle’s Landing Logon Script

TOHC Logon Script

For notetaking, I personally use Notepad+ for speed, multi-tabbed files, and persistent memory for reopening all open files. There are many other good alternatives of course.

Initial ZOC Configuration

Options -> Edit Session Profile

(Terminal tab)

Timeout Control: after 177 idle sec.
* Send ^M

Screen Size:

80 x 60 (tweak the second number depending on your screen resolution)

(Window/Colors tab)

Check “Scrollbar”

(Fonts tab)

Character Set: IBM/DOS/OEM (437)

Because I personally find the dark red difficult to see, I generally modify this color to a light brown:


Edit Global Color Table

Select Red

Modify this color

Options -> Edit Key Map Profile

F1 = C;4;;1^M = scoreboard
F2 = C;8;T;NS;1^M = today’s newspaper
F3 = C;8;Y;NS;1^M = yesterday’s newspaper
F4 = S;M^M = scan and move

F5 = L;3;;P;;;0;L;3;;P;;;0/R20^M = Sell equipment from planet to port
F6 = L;2;;P;;;0;L;2;;P;;;0/R20^M = Sell organics from planet to port
F7 = L;1;;P;;;0;L;1;;P;;;0/R20^M = Sell ore from planet to port

F8 = L;T;C;P;;/R20^M = Transfer cargo from port to planet

F9 = P;;;;;L;T;C;3;/R20^M = Sell Equipment to port and transfer cargo from port to planet
F10 = P;;;;;L;T;C;2;/R20^M = Sell Organics to port and transfer cargo from port to planet
F11 = P;;;;;L;T;C;1;/R20^M = Sell Ore to port and transfer cargo from port to planet

F12 = F;1;S;M^M (Alternative breadcrumb mapping)

Yet another program I use is the iOpus File Downloader. This allows you to capture the contents of a website at the very end of the day, such as the newspaper right before it is reset with the next day’s news. I use task scheduler to run this batch file at 9:56pm PST (11:56 Mountain Standard Time):


@echo off
set MTH=%DATE:~4,2%
set DAY=%DATE:~7,2%
set YR=%DATE:~10,4%
set HR=%TIME:~0,2%
set HR0=%TIME:~0,1%
if “%HR0%”==” ” set HR=0%TIME:~1,1%
set MIN=%TIME:~3,2%
set SEC=%TIME:~6,2%

C:\webfile\downloader.exe -download http://www.gargoyleslanding.com/games.asp?game=ytnews C:\webfile\gl\news-%MYDATE%.htm

C:\webfile\downloader.exe -download http://www.gargoyleslanding.com/games.asp?game=yt C:\webfile\gl\score-%MYDATE%.htm


The result is a folder under “C:\WEBFILE\GL” containing a historic list of all newspaper events and scoreboards with the date embedded into the file name.