Using ZOC, Notepad+ and Microsoft Excel, it is possible to create a complete list of every dead end sector in the entire game in an “semi-automated” way.

The slow part is to log your communication session in the game (ZOC: logging, set log filename) and travel to every single sector in the entire game. This will take a lot of effort because of black holes, fighters, and running out of turns. To do this, use the Zoc script 3000, or in Yankee Trader 3.2, 1000.

When you have a log from traveling to every sector 2 through 3000, load this log file into Notepad+ and perform the following steps:

  1. Change the type of file from “Windows (CR LF)” to “Unix (LF)” by clicking on this on the bottom taskbar
  2. Turn wordwrap off (View – uncheck wordwrap if it is currently checked)
  3. Macro record:
    • edit/(begin/edit & select),
    • search (regular expression mode) “Warps lead to: \d+$”,
    • search backwards (extended mode) “\nSector:”,
    • close,
    • use the home key to move to the beginning of the line,
    • edit/end edit and select,
    • delete,
    • search (regular expression mode) “Warps lead to: \d+$”,
    • close,
    • use down arrow and home to move to the beginning of the next line,
    • macro/stop recording
  1. Run this macro manually by holding down ctrl-sft-P until it finishes. May corrupt the log if the wraparound search is turned on
  2. Search-and-replace (regular expression mode) “Warps lead to: \d+$” with nothing
  3. Search-and-replace (regular expression mode) “Port: .$” with “”
  4. Replace “Sector: ” with nothing
  5. Replace “Fighters in .$” with nothing
  6. Replace “Planet: .$” with nothing
  7. Replace (extended mode) “\n” with “”
  8. Replace “\n\n” with “\n” multiple times

Save file and exit Notepad++, load the log file in Microsoft Excel

  • Under data, sort column A
  • Under data, remove duplicates

The result will be a sorted list of all dead end sectors that do not have ports, followed by a sorted list of all data end sectors containing a port (these will be marked with an *)

After you have this list, you can then use it to create a script (for YT no-missile games) to travel to all dead end sectors in the entire game:

c;3;1;y;s;c;3;14;y;c;3;15;y;c;3;22;y;c;3;29;y;c;3;43;y;c;3;60;y;c;3;62;y;c;3;65;y;c;3;69;y;c;3;82;y;c;3;83;y;c;3;99;y;c;3;112;y;c;3;120;y;c;3;130;y;c;3;131;y;c;3;137;y;c;3;138;y;c;3;139;y;c;3;140;y;c;3;145;y;c;3;164;y;c;3;168;y;c;3;170;y;c;3;187;y;c;3;205;y …

This is more effective in covering the entire universe than blind scouting every five sectors for example:

c;3;5;y;s;c;3;10;y;s;c;3;15;y;s;c;3;20;y;s;c;3;25;y;s;c;3;30;y;s;c;3;35;y;s;c;3;40;y;s;c;3;45;y;s;c;3;50;y;s;c;3;55;y;s;c;3;60;y;s;c;3;65;y;s;c;3;70;y;s;c;3;75;y;s;c;3;80;y;s;c;3;85;y;s;c;3;90;y;s;c;3;95;y;s;c;3;100;y;s;c;3;105;y;s;c;3;110;y;s;c;3;115;y;s;c;3;120;y …

or in YT games with missiles, sending a missile to every single sector:

!;19;1;!;47;1;!;61;1;!;63;1;!;69;1;!;71;1;!;72;1;!;83;1;!;85;1;!;79;1;!;89;1;!;97;1;!;106;1;!;108;1;!;120;1;!;123;1;!;136;1;!;1251;1;!;133;1;!;135;1;!;136;1;!;141;1;!;157;1;!;166;1;!;167;1;!;168;1;!;177;1;!;183;1;!;185;1;!;192;1 …

or in YT 3.2 with sensor robots:

Dead ends without ports:


Dead ends with ports: